Design and Build Process

The Design & Build Process

Building a house is a skill, but creating a home is an art. That is where Distinctive Homes of Indiana, and our 20 years of experience, comes in. Our skills have been developed and fine-tuned over the years. As a premiere Northwest Indiana Home Builder, we only utilize the finest vendors and subcontractors in the construction industry. We also understand the emotional nuances that are implicit in every step along the way. Our building process is the perfect marriage of skill and art.


Our design process begins with a conversation about lifestyle and personal intentions for the home. This helps to determine what spaces are necessary, what spaces are beneficial and what spaces are pure indulgences. We’ll accommodate your needs for a full custom design by allowing you to borrow elements from existing floor plans, choose from our established line of homes, or a floor plan that you provide for us.

Your Project Is In Trusted Hands

Over our 20 years in the building industry, we’ve had the pleasure of developing highly-valued relationships with a team of industry professionals that we whole-heartedly recommend for their skill, professionalism and integrity.

What To Expect

Design Selections

Distinctive Homes of Indiana and the Residential Designer prepare a floor plan and exterior elevations for your approval.

Design Meeting

You will meet with all members of your home’s team for the purpose of creating a seamless design that integrates all crucial design elements: floor plan, landscapes, hardscapes, interior design and sound and lighting.

Connecting from the Ground Up

The team includes the lumber supplier and engineer who work together to ensure structural integrity.

A Room with a View

The Residential Designer will work with you to determine how the position of your home on your property can fully connect you with all that your surroundings have to offer.

Your Involvement

Though we understand that you rely on us to build your dream home and assist you through the process, we also depend on you to make decisions. Your involvement is necessary in working with following to make the following selections:

  1. Interior Design: Lighting, Flooring, Doors, Cabinets, tops and other finishes.
  2. Exterior: colors, railings, siding, brick or stone
  3. Landscape: Landscape design and hardscape plans that may include pool, fountains, walkways and other exterior elements.
  4. Security Team: Security system needs
  5. Audio/video Company: Design the home’s audio and video system in concert with the interior designer.

Discussion Topics

Topics you can expect to discuss with your Northwest Indiana Home Builder:


  1. Plumbing fixture and appliance selection
  2. Closet built-in and shelving review and approval
  3. A range of lighting designs and options from which to choose. The interior designer typically participates to coordinate with the lighting design company placements, choices and the tiniest details, such as where to locate electrical outlets.
  4. Plan cabinetry and built-ins, select door styles and decide on finishes with the cabinet company. The interior designer typically participates here as well to assure a seamless design and the perfect complement to the client’s lifestyle.
  5. With the interior designer, develop and complete the home’s warmth and unique personality with interior details – flooring, counter tops, railings, precast interior doors & hardware, decorative lighting, ceiling fans and interior wall finishes.

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